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Entry #1


2008-11-26 08:04:26 by Asayamoto

Well... I'm on my way, aren't I!

First flash is in the bag... now, the real question is... what do I do next?

I could continue the legacy of Portal Kid... Or shall I start something new?

I do know one thing... my next... whatever... is definitely going to be fueled by Sasha-Tarquin.

I love that guy...

But, keep your eyes open... I'm gonna keep at it.

~ Kenshiro


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2008-11-26 09:05:25

lol,fat hope,i have seen your flash and it sucks,even for a beginner,tom respecting you? man,i would eat my own ass if he even allows your crappy lil flash pass the test.good luck with flash and good luck being a failure at it.dude,i think you better enjoy flash rather than use flash,you're a bloody dumbfuck,yup,that's what you are.

Asayamoto responds:

Ouch, dood. What the hell was that all about...? Did I do something to piss you off?

Whether you like it or not, I'm just going to get better... so deal with it.


2008-11-26 10:46:26

Good start for your animation but not good enough to succeed on NG.

(Updated ) Asayamoto responds:

That's sort of harsh, don't you think? "Not good enough to succeed"? First flash is first flash... and I'm only going to get better.

And I'll expect to see something for my next flash... you'll leave a review, won't you?


2008-11-27 17:49:23



2008-12-06 02:55:42

Great flash man! I know the program is hard to use, and whats up with the pricks who commented you? Whats funny is they dont even have a flash on their page.

So they suck. Haha.

Cant wait to see what you got coming next, we really need to start working on that collaboration! Let me help you with what your doing now bro! Good luck, Kyodai.


2008-12-07 18:14:11

yea i saw u reviewed something u might put mine ''regen'' song in the next submission... i hope u do! :D


2008-12-07 18:15:20

and continue the Portal Kid. It's pretty good idea!